1970’s Tudor Home Restoration

Haymarket, VA | 4 Months

Project Scope

The removal of a load bearing wall between the kitchen and dinning room opened this small compartmental space. Repair existing hardwood flooring for new kitchen design and wall removal.  Resurfacing all of the wood flooring on the first floor, stairs and upstairs landing.  The installation of new custom kitchen cabinets, counters and appliances brought this home back to a beautiful, open and functional condition.  A complete tear out of the master bathroom was necessary to make correction to the water issues and to perform a proper bathroom renovation complete with installation of a new Schluter system before tile setting. The addition of a new lighting package and painting completed this major home restoration project.


The master bathroom was recently remodeled in the last 1-2 years.  While looking at a first floor renovation including a complete custom kitchen renovation with wall removal we were asked to repair loose tiles in the master bathroom as part of our project.  We quickly diagnosed that the issue with the bathroom tiles was a symptom of a greater problem.  The new bathroom was improperly installed with tile installed over drywall in the shower and bath areas as well as improper waterproofing materials and installation errors.  Causing the shower pan to fail and leak water into the ceiling below and cause water damage to the exterior wall, framing, entry door and flooring joists.