Large Scale Interior Renovations

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Gainesville, VA

Our large scale interior renovation projects are for clients who are looking to tackle multiple rooms, levels and entire floors. One thing we strongly recommend with kitchen remodeling is to add multiple additional projects such as floor resurfacing, bathroom remodel and painting. With larger renovations, there is always a stall time during construction. An example of this is when renovating a kitchen, we have to wait for our new counter tops to come back from fabrication. This is a good time to address that hall or guest bathroom while we wait! Addressing multiple projects at the same time allows us to provide comprehensive project pricing. We have to allocate a large amount of assets during construction including skilled trades, materials, permits and equipment. It is always best to take advantage of these onsite resources before we move to another client’s project, saving time and money in the process.

Our Large Scale Interior Renovations Can Include

  • Kitchen renovation
  • Remodeling Bathroom or bathrooms
  • Flooring entire levels
  • Painting on multiple levels
  • Renovation and remodeling or entire floors or entire home
  • Any of our exterior services

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